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Tianjin Guangxin Iron and Steel Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. is located in Daqiuzhuang Development Zone, a well-known northern iron and steel town in the country. According to Tianjin Port, 50 kilometers away, the transportation is very convenient. The large-diameter thick-walled square tubes produced enjoy a high reputation in the domestic and foreign markets. The trust of customers and consumers. The newly introduced hot-rolled sharp-angled square tubes are used in steel structure buildings, glass curtain wall main frames, and fabricated houses have been approved by the contractor. Our company has successively registered "Tianjin Tongliheng Technology Development Co., Ltd."; 'Tianjin Guangxin Steel Sales Co., Ltd.; Tianjin Zhongtian Junjie Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. '; Co-creation (Hong Kong) International Trade Co., Ltd'. Responsible for the production and sales of different types of flagship products in different regions at home and abroad. Basically formed a "based on Tianjin, radiation overseas, production and marketing integration" business situation.

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Seamless square tube fixed-length processing

Seamless square pipe is a title for square pipe and rectangular pipe, that is, steel pipe with flat side length. It is made by rolling strip steel through skill disposal. Usually, the strip steel is unpacked, flattened, bent and welded to form a round pipe, which is then rolled into a square pipe and then cut into the required length.


Steel prices: new highs, when to top?

Today's rebar 1805 opened upward, the highest intraday 4104, closed at 4056, up 79 or 1.99 percent; hot coil closed at 4074, up 98 or 2.46 percent; and iron ore soared nearly 5 percent, behind the 0.64 billion of capital blessing, thread followed by 0.58 billion funds. Today, the billet market continued to rise over the weekend, with some manufacturers rising by 30 yuan/ton to 3970 yuan/ton (including tax cash leaving the factory), and recently billets have repeatedly reached new highs this year. It is understood that the straight hair of billets is acceptable at the beginning of the morning, and there is a transaction in 4020 yuan/ton from stock. After the intraday increase of 30 yuan/ton, the mentality of merchants is boosted, and some of them are smooth.


How about the impact resistance of seamless square tube

Seamless square tube for the power supply as a leading agent of a component, high solid fraction of architectural coatings. Sub-primer and topcoat. A component consists of epoxy resin glue, color paste and filler, modifier.