Five Forming Methods of Seamless Rectangular Square Tube

 What is the forming method of seamless rectangular tube? Attention should be paid to the specific bending Rashen forming/bending space and the quality of the reflected product, or when the actual effect of thinning is produced, the actual effect of tightening/A thickening is produced. The rectangular square tube of the wire produces concave side edges, vertical expansion and contraction of the waste water pipe, and it is not easy to straighten.

1. The empty disadvantage is that the bent upper tube is/empty bend side synchronization time, because the working pressure forming force of the upper roller and the lower roller is simply beyond the zero boundary point, the edge part produces concave instability, in addition, it also reflects the actual operation of the smooth module and its production quality. It is in turn characterized by rectangular square tubes and tubes that produce gas bends.


2. When the telescopic perimeter is helpless to prevent the solid state from being bent, for example, the bending strength of the upper end tube/side bending of the rectangular frame is terminated. Gas bending can also be bending r


3. The vacancy of rectangular square tube is based on the bending torque with the composition. When the outer tube of the surface roller bent by the above-mentioned miscellaneous belt touches the bending of the bank draft, the bending line causes the gas bending to produce tightening and tightening actual effect. With the expansion of the vertical bending line, the bending of metal materials is more and more accumulated and thicker, and the actual effect of tightening empty bending/thickening is achieved. The bending parts are solid state bent to empty the actual effect of Rashen/soften. First, a real graph of the actual effect of the vertical widening of the length of the bending line will be produced.


4. Solid non-standard bending seamless splicing rectangular square tube has the advantages of small rebound, high precision forming and roller precision, which is relative to the above-mentioned high precision forming of outer corner R. The real bending is too literal to be tamped and bent, and the inner wall of the inner and outer pipes of the instant bending roller is double tamped.


5. In solid forming, the ring of bent tube is called the mode of rectangular square tube forming, which is called the telescopic mode. There are two basic ways of bending and forming: real and bent empty bends.


Seamless square rectangular tube manufacturers feel that in the specific application, the two basic ways of square and rectangular square tubes are that square and square tube forming should be equipped to solve the reasonable and legal situation of the goods required.