How to ensure the welding and welding of seamless rectangular tubes?

Seamless rectangular tube in the arc welding welding welding guarantee system, the key has five levels. With these five levels ensured, the quality of the seamless rectangular tube can also be ensured.

The key factor in 1. people is the key to the manipulation of electric welding. Therefore, before welding, welders with professional skills and welder certificates should be selected to carry out indispensable professional skills training and safety disclosure. It can not be disassembled and assembled arbitrarily to ensure that the welder and worker of the electric welding pipeline are relatively stable.

The 2. is the manipulation of electric welding raw materials to ensure that the electric welding raw materials purchased from the regular trading platform have product qualification certificates and certificates, which meet the requirements of processing technology. The recycling and utilization of welding wire heads are strictly controlled to ensure the introduction and required quantity. Welding raw materials should be roasted strictly according to the processing technology, and no more than half a day's demand should be distributed at a time.

3. is a tough machine. The tough machine must ensure that its characteristics are reliable and conform to the processing technology as much as possible. The tough machine has as much current and ammeter as possible that can meet the measurement and verification standards to ensure the appropriate implementation of welding methods. Electric arc welding welding cable can not be too long, long to adjust the main parameters of electric arc welding welding welding.

The 4. is the welding method to ensure the strict implementation of the unusual operation steps of the hot seamless square rectangular tube. The welding method carries out welding inspection before electric welding, manipulates the main parameters and operation flow mode of electric welding processing technology, checks the appearance quality after welding, and improves the professionalism of post-welding inspection technology when indispensable. Control the welding level of electric arc welding and the amount of welding raw materials required for each gate system.

The 5. is to manipulate the topography of electric arc welding to ensure that the ambient temperature, relative humidity and wind power during electric arc welding meet the requirements of the processing technology.