Fangda Jiugang Rolling Mill has achieved remarkable results in reducing the chance of failure.

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Recently, Fangda Jiugang Steel Rolling Mill has adopted various measures to reduce the chance of error. The time of missed line has been greatly reduced compared with last year, and good economic benefits have been achieved, laying a foundation for cost reduction and efficiency.

It is reported that the plant has adopted a series of effective measures to reduce the chance of failure: first, rationally arrange production plans, reasonably match the varieties and specifications, and minimize the time to replace the varieties and specifications; second, strengthen the production process control and establish a rapid response mechanism, fully Play the role of production scheduling, when equipment or process failure occurs in the production process, production scheduling should mobilize the elite force to eliminate the fault at the first time, reduce the time of process and equipment missed; third, increase the equipment and process inspection intensity, implement The inspection responsibility system, because the equipment inspection is not in place, the implementation of accountability; the fourth is to reduce the time of the missed "horse race", to reward the effective reduction of the time of the miss, for the equipment due to equipment, process causes the opportunity tough Assessment. Through a series of powerful measures, the probability of each line was significantly lower than the same period last year. As of November, the bar machine equipment lost 3,902 minutes compared with last year; the high-bar process error was 1568 minutes lower than last year, the equipment error was down 2513 minutes compared with last year; the high-line process error was down by 19996 minutes compared with last year. Last year, it fell 8555 minutes; the mid-board process operation lost 962 minutes compared with last year, and the equipment error was 3332 minutes lower than last year.