Steel price: constantly rising, when is it to the top?

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Today, rebar 1805 opened higher, the intraday high of 4104, closed at 4056, up 79 or 1.99%; hot volume closed at 4074, up 98 or 2.46%; while iron ore skyrocketed nearly 5%, behind 640 million capital blessing, thread followed Since then, he has won 580 million funds.

Today's steel billet market continued to rise on the weekend, some manufacturers rose 30 yuan / ton to 3970 yuan / ton (including tax ex-factory), and recently steel billets hit a new high this year. It is understood that the early morning billet straight hair is still available, the spot out of 4020 yuan / ton has a deal, after the intraday increase of 30 yuan / ton, boost business mentality, part of the trend with up 10 yuan / ton, 4030 yuan / ton out of the warehouse The transaction is general. In the afternoon, the leading steel billets rose by 30 to 3,970 yuan / ton.

The steel price has reached a new high, the billet is approaching 4,000, and the profit of the steel mill has once again made a big leap forward. Under the circumstances of various bullish benefits, what do you think of a market situation? Here is a brief explanation of the point of view, mainly to provide a reference idea.