Steel prices: new highs, when to top?

Today's rebar 1805 opened upward, intraday 4104, closed at 4056, up 79 or 1.99 per cent, hot coil closed 4074, up 98 or 2.46 per cent, while iron ore soared nearly 5 per cent, behind the 0.64 billion of funds, thread followed by 0.58 billion funds.

Today, the billet market continued to rise over the weekend. Some manufacturers rose 30 yuan/ton to 3970 yuan/ton (including tax and cash exchange leaving the factory). It is understood that the straight hair of billets is acceptable at the beginning of the morning, and in stock 4020 yuan/ton has a transaction. After the intraday rise of 30 yuan/ton, the mentality of merchants has been boosted. Some manufacturers have followed the trend of rising 10 yuan/ton and 4030 yuan/ton. In the afternoon, the billet of the leading manufacturer rose by 30 to 3970 yuan/ton.

Billet approaching 4000, steel mill profits again great leap forward, all kinds of positive situation, for a market after a market how to see? Here a brief view, mainly to provide a reference ideas.