Key characteristics of seamless rectangular tubes

Seamless rectangular tube has excellent compressive strength, ductility, plastic deformation, welding and other performance, with excellent ductility, its aluminum alloy layer and steel base strong connection, can carry out cold extrusion, cold rolling, etc., with excellent compressive strength, ductility, plastic deformation, welding and other performance. Have excellent plasticity. Cable bending and other forming does not destroy the coating, suitable for general production and processing, such as drilling, laser cutting, welding, cold drawing and other processing technology.


Key characteristics associated with seamless rectangular tubes:


1. anti-rust treatment, anti-corrosion-dip zinc layer, zinc-rich phosphating treatment layer, electrostatic induction coating all have excellent anti-rust treatment effect. Seamless square tubes are generally able to ensure that they do not rust for thirty years in extreme natural environments.


2. strongly weathered electrostatic powder spraying process uses solid powder to condense at high temperatures, which is very stable for liquid architectural coatings containing architectural coatings. Therefore, the seamless square tube has excellent anti-ultraviolet light maintenance function, and is not easy to fade under long-term sunlight irradiation.


3. anti-disassembly: the application of anti-disassembly parts installation, anti-disassembly parts and pipelines are tested by China's technical units, all kinds of index values are beyond the national industry standards.


Because of the necessity of office environment, most of the plates of galvanized square rectangular tubes are hot-dip galvanized outside the rectangular square tubes, which further improves the anti-corrosion characteristics. In order to better ensure the welding quality, the hot-dip galvanized layer on the surface of the galvanized steel pipe should be removed during welding. In order to better remove the whitening of the hot dip galvanized layer in the welding and heat affected zone, to ensure the welding quality and the excellent working standards of the staff. Naturally, the seamless square pipe welded in this way is only used in the general office environment, and it is not suitable to work in the corrosive natural environment.