How to prevent deformation of seamless square tube

 Seamless square tubes bear different load forms, and the degree of tightness of bearing fit should also be different. When bearing a fixed load, the fit should be looser to make the bearing more convenient to assemble and disassemble mechanically, but not too loose, otherwise it will cause Sliding on the mating parts will wear the mating surface. Therefore, transition fit or clearance fit with very little clearance should be generally selected.

When the seamless square tube is subjected to a rotating load, a tighter fit should be selected to prevent the ferrule from sliding on the mating parts and cause wear on the mating surface, but the interference should not be too large, otherwise the internal clearance of the bearing will be reduced. Even disappear completely, excessive contact stress is generated, which leads to accelerated shaft wear and affects its service life.

When the seamless square tube bears the swing load, the degree of tightness of the fit is generally the same as that of the seamless square tube when it bears the rotation load, or slightly tighter.