How about the impact resistance of seamless square tube

Seamless square tube for the power supply as a leading agent of a component, high solid fraction of architectural coatings. Sub-primer and topcoat. A component consists of epoxy resin glue, color paste and filler, modifier. Component A is an epoxy curing agent configured with modified materials. Has a very good impact toughness, paint layer fortitude, with wear resistance and impact resistance characteristics. High solid composition, thick coating.

Seamless square pipes are generally applicable to the internal coating process of drinking water tanks, water pipelines, water storage tanks, cooling towers and other water supply equipment without towers, and white granulated sugar. Cathodic protection of electrochemical reaction pipes avoiding seamless steel pipes from the source is used as an auxiliary method for coating corrosion prevention. Organic chemical safety protection is provided for the outer surface layer of seamless steel pipes where coating defects occur, not only is the cost of pipeline cathodic protection and maintenance soaring, but also there will be many difficulties in supervision, maintenance and maintenance, and effective current flow. Especially in large cities, the basic construction of pipeline cathodic protection is subject to many restrictions.

Seamless square tube: it is to make the molten alloy and the iron substrate reflect to form a metal layer, so that the substrate and the coating are closely combined. Hot dip galvanizing is to carry out pickling passivation of the pipe first, in order to better remove the compounds on the surface of the pipe, after pickling passivation, according to sodium sulfide or nickel nitrate solution or ammonium chloride and magnesium chloride mixed solution tank to carry out cleaning, and then sent to the hot dip plating tank.